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Interview with @LoveKhloKardash

@KhloeGang : Hey demi ! so ill ask you some Q’s: when did you fall in love with Khloe and why?

@LoveKhloKardash : i fell in love with Khloe when i started watching KUWTK in 2009,her personality i just adored and the way she came across is just so amazing :)

@KhloeGang : Wow so when did you think about making a fan page (twitter account)

@loveKhloKardash : last year to show my dedication to the girls and support

@KhloeGang : Oh Awww when was the first time Khloe noticed you?

@loveKhloKardash : first tweet ever was my Birthday!

@KhloeGang : Looks like you enjoyed it then.. did you ever meet Khloe?

@LoveKhloKardash : i haven’t but i am this saturday !!! im so so so nervouse and excited

@KhloeGang : Woohoo have fun doll! .. Khloe is so inspirational we all know that 4 sure but what is that one thing that inspired you about Khloe?

@LoveKhloKardash : How honest and kind and generouse she is,she cares about her fans, she donates to charity , she is an amazing business woman and has achieved so much in her life. and thats so inspiring Xxxx

@KhloeGang : Wow #TrueFan what is that one Quote that Khloe said that is so inspiring?Xxx

@LoveKhloKardash : me wierd-bitch im limited edition. she has quoted this herself and it tells people to be yourself and not care what people think your like

@KhloeGang : Khloe is such an amazing idol !.. you have this twitter for 2 years now right? are you hoping to get a follow ?

@LoveKhloKardash : i am followed by Khloe ans Kylie ! feel blessed to be

@KhloeGang : oh cool! who is the next K/J you want to be followed from? Xo

@loveKhloKardash :ummm Kim or Kourtney

@Khloegang :alright this interview is finished thnQ so much Demi you are flawless!

@LoveKhloKardash :Aww your so sweet thankYou !!

Nov 11
Kim , Kourtney and Khloe at the UK meet and greet :)

Kim , Kourtney and Khloe at the UK meet and greet :)

Nov 03

Hahha LOL

Nov 03

Happy Birthday Kendall Jenner !!

Nov 02

" kompletelykfan:

Sneak peak: Kendall Jenner’s Miss Vogue Australia shoot”